Tropicanna Horticulture: Now Selling Industry Leading Grow Tents

Tropicanna Horticulture is one of the UK’s most leading and favourite suppliers of hydroponics equipment, catering for the needs of hydroponic growers of all types and levels, offering a comprehensive selection of products and kits for their customers to choose from.

The company, recognising the need to offer the broadest range of high quality, competitively priced hydroponics products, the company have started selling some of the best grow tents and grow tent kits on the market – The Green Room Grow Tents.

Some of the reasons that more and more people are starting to take up hydroponic growing and ditching traditional growing methods include the following:

  • Hydroponics allows growers to grow all year around, both indoors and outdoors
  • Hydroponic growing conserves water and allows plant nutrients to be controlled
  • Hydroponics growing allows for more plants to be grown in a given area, ensuring that plants can also grow as well as possible
  • Plants grow quicker when grown hydroponically
  • Hydroponics growing eliminates the need for weeding
  • Hydroponics growing also eliminates the risk of soil borne pests, leading to a reduced need for pesticides which can be harmful

The Green Room Grow Tents

Green Room grow tents are industry leading grow tents, with a key element of their deign being the strength that they boast, using 28mm steel and sturdy metal corner brackets. These grow tents are designed to take the weight of heavy hydroponics equipment, with other qualities and features including:

  • Heavy duty roof bars to provide optimum location/mounting of filters and fans
  • Strong and robust metal corners
  • Simplified erection, perfect for hydroponic growing beginners
  • Side air socks (200mm) on all models in order to incorporate air-cooled lighting
  • Oversized air socks perfect for inlet and extraction
  • Waterproof liner tray
  • Heavy duty zips
  • Handy tie-back straps on the doors and bottom tray
  • Extra wide air vents
  • Multiple electrical outlets
  • Side doors on all models
  • Diamond foil inside for optimum reflectivity