The Do’s and Don’ts of Lip Injections

Lip injections are becoming ever more popular, thanks in part to an increasing number of celebrities and reality TV stars receiving the treatment.  We also can’t discount the fact that the science behind lip fillers has been drastically improved over the last few years.  Many choose to get lip injections to help in achieving a more youthful appearance, or to improve the application of makeup.  Reasoning aside, let’s dive into some of the most critical do’s and don’ts of lip injections.

Goals vs Expectations – Make sure to arrive at the doctor’s office with a picture or representation of the lip shape and fullness you are looking for.  This will help them decide what treatment you need and how many sessions you can expect to need.  You can’t expect extremely dramatic change with just one treatment, so if you are looking for that, you might be in for a few visits.

Rushing to Judgement – Remember that your lips are very sensitive and that injecting filler will cause some initial pain and discomfort, but those will fade over time if they are done properly.  Don’t be too quick to judge the look and shape of your new lips.  Keep in mind that they will need time to heal, so wait a few days after they have healed before you assess whether you need to have another injection or an adjustment.

Don’t Forget the Details – You need to let your doctor have a full look at your medical history when getting lip injections.  If you have certain health conditions, such as chronic cold sores, you might not be a good candidate for lip injections.  Certain fillers can also interact badly with medicine, so ensuring that you mention any prescriptions or supplements you take is important.  It is also important to stay away from certain drugs, vitamins, and supplements immediately after your procedure.  Your doctor can give you more details about what to avoid post treatment.

Take Care of Your Lips Post-Injection – Most contact with your lips should be avoided for a few days after injections.  This includes kissing!  Many fillers are flexible after they are injected, so they can shift if too much pressure is placed on them.

Do Enjoy! – Once you are fully healed, make sure you appreciate your new lip shape and enjoy their improved appearance.  You will be surprised at how much of a difference fuller lips can have on your entire face and look.

Lip injections are a life changing option for many people and they feel that it improves their lives drastically.  While there are many thing to consider before and after treatment, as long as you do everything right you won’t have any issues and be able to appreciate your newly shaped lips!