Popular Things that Cause Stress and How to Solve Them

Most noteworthy, based on a February 2017 survey, nearly 51% of the US population has experienced stress often or sometimes. And some of the causes of this stress are described below, most importantly not in any particular order.

First of all, taking on too many things to do either at work or at home means you likely will be time pressed to complete them. So the most obvious way to solve this is to be honest with yourself and only take on as much as you are reasonably able to do.

Secondly, there is the inability to manage time well. Moreover, managing time is solved by assigning priorities to whatever you have to do and doing them as quickly as you can. Most of all, it’s important to not spend more time than necessary to finish a task simply because it was enjoyable. Because spending more time than necessary creates stress in trying to complete the other remaining things that are not so enjoyable.

Yet another cause of stress are relationship conflicts either at home or at work. For example, there may be disagreement on how to do things. Also relationship conflicts are difficult to solve, so the best thing is to arrive at a solution that’s reasonably OK with both parties and move on.

Also another cause of stress is not taking the time to relax. So, when you keep yourself constantly on the go your stress builds up. And the easiest way to solve this is to take a break and do things that are relaxing and enjoyable.

In addition, you may come across situations where it’s unavoidable but get stressed. For example, when you need to go someplace and yet you are stuck in traffic. And, resolving this stress depends on the situation. For example, if you have an appointment, then call and let them know of your situation. On the other hand, if you are trying to can a train or attend a concert, next time allow more time to get to your destination. Or catch the next train or simply be late to arrive at the concert.

Finally, if you are stressed, the accompanying infographic illustrates some ways you can get stress relief.