L-theanine and Caffeine Stack – Things You Should Know

If you are familiar with nootropics and how to consume them, you might already know what stacking means. However, if you don’t, stacking is a method of combining different nootropics and consuming them to make them work together.

More often than not, the purpose of any nootropic stack is to gain nootropic synergy – a combination of two or more nootropic supplements with similar effects to improve each other’s benefits. There are other stacks that people combine to achieve balance so that one nootropic alleviates the consequences of the other.

One of the most beneficial nootropic stacks that you would find today is the L theanine and caffeine stack that use both the elements to create one of the most powerful and effective nootropic stacks that you can find today. Let’s dig deep into what this L-theanine and caffeine stack is, its dosage, and how it is beneficial for you.

What is L-theanine and caffeine stack?

As the name suggests, L-theanine and caffeine stack is a stack containing two nootropic substances named L-theanine and caffeine.


Theanine or L-theanine is a chemical that is abundantly found in green and black tea leaves. This compound is thought to be one of the best mind relaxers. One of the best things about this compound is, although it has calming properties, it does not have any sedative properties. It works by increasing the levels of GABA in the brain in addition to dopamine and serotonin.


Caffeine is a stimulant drug that is well known for its psychoactive abilities. It is naturally available in a variety of food and herbal sources, especially in coffee. It acts through various neurotransmitter systems by blocking the activation of adenosine receptors – the ones that are responsible for the sense of fatigue. It is one of the most commonly available nootropics and is used by most people in so e or the other way.

How does the L-theanine and caffeine stack work?

When both L-theanine and caffeine are stacked together, they create a great balance of benefits for both the compounds that are recommended for everyone. The best part of this stack is you get the best benefits of both the compounds while negating the side effects associated with them. Caffeine especially can be over-stimulating form many people. It can cause side effects, like insomnia, stomach problems, and others. However, when it’s taken in a stack with L-theanine, you don’t experience any such side effects.

On the other hand, L-theanine cannot be termed as a perfect nootropic on its own. This is because it doesn’t cater to many parts of the brain. However, when it’s taken with caffeine, the L-theanine tends to work more effectively by affecting most parts of the brain.

The dosage of L-theanine and caffeine stack

To make a balanced stack of L-theanine and caffeine, you must keep the ingredients in the ratio of 1:2, with one part of caffeine and two parts of L-theanine. The preferred dosage for the stack is 80-100 mg of caffeine combined with 160-200 mg of L-theanine. This ensures that you get the best results from both these compounds without being wary of the side effects associated with them.