Is Therapeutic Massage Safe for me personally?

Therapeutic massage is usually safe and advantageous for almost all healthy people. Still, there are specific problems that can rule an individual out like a potential therapeutic massage recipient.

Some illnesses and illnesses could worsen or potentially be harmful for the counselor and also the client especially if massage is conducted when these illnesses are acute anyway.

While a massage counselor should know and get you for those who have any problems that may worsen upon receiving therapeutic massage, it is important that massage clients know about a few of the common contraindications.

By knowing some common conditions, you’re better ready to get the most from your massage experience while staying away from an accidental exacerbation.

Make certain your counselor understands all contraindications just before beginning a massage session. Some illnesses may need you to have your physician or any other healthcare practitioner’s consent before getting a massage.

Localized Contraindications for Therapeutic Massage

For those who have a localized contraindication all of this means is the fact that just the affected region might not be massaged at the moment. Some such conditions include but aren’t restricted to the next:

Acute outbreaks of joint disease

Deep vein thrombosis


Irritable or contagious skin disorders

Open soars or wounds

Recent burns

Recent surgery

Muscle or tendon ruptures or tears

Diabetes and bloodstream pressure (unless of course receiving treatment with medication) Make certain the individual has had their medication on that day.


A few of these conditions might just require slight adjustments to the posture from the client (for instance putting the customer on their own side or sitting these questions chair). In regions of significant bruising, burns, soars, wounds or skin disorders massage ought to be focused over the area and for the heart.

General Contraindications

Massage ought to be prevented within the following scenarios:

Any acute conditions requiring first-aid or medical assistance

Severe unstable hypertension


When there’s any systemic or infectious disease (including the most popular cold)

Cancer which has spread towards the bone or spine

Some questions that the counselor will generally ask or that you might desire to volunteer range from the following:

Have you ever had surgery previously?

Would you take prescribed medications?

Have you ever had any fractures or sprains previously?

Would you presently and have you’d any serious illnesses previously?

Massage therapists are frequently faced with patients which have special conditions and wish specific modifications towards the care they offer.

If you’re a massage client and therefore are unsure whether the problem you’ve or are presently experiencing is really a contraindication to therapeutic massage don’t let yourself be afraid to inquire about your massage counselor, local chiropractor or any other healthcare specialist.

They’ll be more than pleased to go over whether you’re a good candidate for therapeutic massage. Any advice they provide come in the very best interest of your family health.