How Can Steroids Be Taken Safely?

Today, steroids are available in various forms such as steroid injections, tablets, and even inhalable substances. But there are three main ways in which steroids can be taken safely with minimal harm to the user. The dosage differs in all the available forms of steroids. They are known as cycling, stacking, and pyramiding, and are mentioned below.

In this method, steroids are distributed in periodic cycles with gaps between two cycles. Cycling is one of the most common methods used today. The cycles have to be created keeping in mind the way the steroid work, and how their effectiveness can be increased. Initially, the cycles are started keeping in mind the hormone that is already acquainted with the body. The dosage and number of steroids need to be increased slowly so that if the bodybuilder’s body shows any adverse effect, one can easily identify. Once the bodybuilder is used to the process of accepting the hormones, then the progress for building lean muscle mass would be started.

In this method, more than one steroid is taken at a time. Stacking is used to get optimal results from the steroid cycles. The stacking dosage of the drugs may vary from person to person because everyone’s body is not built the same way. The dosage may also depend on the type of workout and diet plans you are currently following. If the body doesn’t accept the drugs, then it is beneficial to change the drugs as well as the dosage. Stacking can sometimes show results in side effects, but they can be avoided by including non-anabolic steroids in the cycle.



This is oldest and rarest method used for taking steroids. In this method, bodybuilders start with small doses, and then the intensity of doses slowly increases, after which the dosage is again reduced till it reaches up to zero. This is a helpful method if a person wants to continue to live a normal life, as the dosage decreases gradually, and the body can adjust to resume normal activities. Some of the bodybuilders have a different opinion about this method, they think that it is an inefficient method, as you have to reduce the dosage when the steroids start to show some effects. But steroids are still consumed by this method for various reasons.


These are few of the methods to take steroids safely with minimal amount of side effects.