High-effectiveness of Primobolan that impresses the users

Primobolan is recognized as a rare anabolic steroid and it is available in both the forms; oral form as well as the injectable form. The injectable form is known as MethenoloneEnanthate whereas the oral form is identified as Methenolone Acetate. This medication is a favourite among countless bodybuilders as this it is quite safe to use and widely available. This steroid is a dihydrotestosterone compound that possesses both the anabolic and androgenic features. However, its anabolic properties do tend to dominate its androgenic properties and this medication is highly preferred by those people who despise the aromatizing effects of other steroids.

This artificial anabolic androgenic steroid is likely to produce similar results like testosterone. Just like testosterone, this compound supplies bodybuilders with various positive impacts which comprise of lessened body fat, improved nitrogen retention in muscles, enhanced expansion of thin muscle mass and an enhancement in stamina, endurance and strength. The acetate version of this medication has more powerful effects that emit results immediately and the enanthate version has long-lasting impacts but it lacks the potency factor. The injectable version of this drug is generally opted by the bodybuilders as it capably protects the liver.

Cycling and using this medication

The cycles of this medication are commonly used for fat loss purposes and they are used in cutting cycles. They are never meant for gaining mass or for bulking purposes and mostly this drug is used for pre-contest during the final weeks just before a competition or some photo shoot. This medication is generally cycled with compounds that have identical qualities, half-lives and properties. There are numerous bodybuilders who stack this medication with Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Propionate and they take it during the initial 8 weeks of their cycles for retaining muscle mass all through the period of consuming low-calorie diet.

Still, there are bodybuilders who take the oral form of this medication with compounds like Trenbolone Acetate, Testosterone Propionate and other compounds and they all work together particularly related to their half-lives. Few users also use either of the two versions of this medication with Winstrol or some type of Testosterone. If it is the injectable form of Winstrol they use it with the oral form of Primobolan. Nonetheless, it is vital to keep in mind not to use two dissimilar oral compounds in one cycle. The oral form is advised to run for maximum 8 weeks and the injectable form is recommended to be used for 10-12 weeks and sometimes longer than this dependent on the users’ desires.

Few things to consider

A woman user of this medication is particularly advised to take this medication cautiously and she is suggested to take a dosage between 50 and 100mg weekly and this medication should be taken for only 4 weeks. Abusing or misusing this compound can develop male features in women, also called virilization. Some of these virilization effects turn out to be permanent and if any woman notices any virilization effect she should discontinue the use of this medication immediately. This medication is likely to produce similar results like Testosterone but the results differ with different people. You are required to have some patience to witness the total efficiency of this drug.