Drug Rehab: Different Types of Addiction Treatment

Drug rehab is not just a single solution to a complex problem.  There are many kinds of rehab, featuring various treatments and methods to achieve the goal of creating people who are healthier in mind and body, and free of substance addiction.  There can sometimes be a lot of stigma that surrounds addiction and how to treat it, so keeping your mind open to these different options will make sure that you will have the opportunity to select the right path to recovery for you.  Check out some of the most common types below.

Inpatient – Inpatient treatment is one of the most intense, but also most effective methods of treatment.  Many are for a 30-day duration, and are extremely complete.  It has been proven over time as a great option for those who have dealt with addiction for years but also those who are newly struggling.  The benefit to inpatient is that you are given a full treatment including physician and psychiatrist care.

Outpatient – These types of treatment are also shown to be effective.  They allow people dealing with addiction to continue or build their normal life, while still getting a beneficial regimen of treatment that will help them with their recovery.  This may not be an ideal for those who are really struggling in their fight against addiction, but is still a comprehensive option.

Holistic Treatment – There is an increasing number of holistic options coming available for treating addiction.  These can be inpatient or outpatient as well.  They involve a more natural approach for treating the addiction, using herbal and drug free remedies.  The holistic approach also relies much on therapy and other psychological behavioral treatments.

Men’s and Women’s Treatment – These treatments separate men and women so that whether inpatient or outpatient, those recovering can be more open about their situation and problems.  Many find that when they are in a single gender recovery program, it is easier to open up without feeling judged or misunderstood by the opposite sex.

Age Specific Programs – For younger people like teenagers, sometimes traditional rehab treatments can be daunting and they might have trouble relating to the others in the treatment program with them.  There are programs for rehabilitating teens that specialize in their unique situations and needs.

Drug rehab is not just a simple thing to undertake.  It will be difficult work and could take some time to finally get your life back to a normal rhythm.  But luckily, there are lots of time tested and even new methods being used today that help people transform their lives.  Today, doctors and addiction specialists understand that everyone is different and has different needs, and that each case may require a different approach.