Cellulite: Top Ten Facts

Cellulite is something that most women have and are ashamed of. They are unsightly but thankfully, there are ways to improve them. There are many beliefs and theories about it that have led to misconceptions and contribute to useless “treatments”. If you want to understand more about cellulite and how it starts, you can avoid it and learn how to reduce it more successfully.

  1. Sunlight Makes It Worse

This is another motivation for you to reach for that sunscreen. Being overexposed to the sun can make cellulite worse because the UV rays can destroy or weaken collagen. In the end, this results in those dimpled thighs, premature skin aging, and even skin cancer.

  1. Not All Cellulite Is The Same

There are 3 different kinds of cellulite, each having its own way of treatment. Adipose cellulite is brought about by poor diet while oedematous cellulite is a result of water retention. In this case, exercise and a reduced salt intake may improve your skin. The last type is fibrotic cellulite, which is the hardest and deepest type. Mesotherapy is said to treat this kind of cellulite.

  1. It Is Not Restricted

While excess fat heightens the appearance of cellulite, it does not necessarily mean people with no excess fat cannot get cellulite. If you have weakened collagen in your skin, you will experience this problem.

  1. Avoid Tight Clothes

Wearing tight clothes will result in poor circulation, which also causes that cellulite. The worst is tight underwear, so if you do not want to make it worse, opt for looser items of clothing.

  1. Most Women Have It

Easily 90% of women will notice cellulite in their bodies at some point in their lives. However, it only starts to form during puberty. Your diet and lifestyle will then determine how it will proceed. This is because women’s connective tissue structures under the skin are different from those in men.

  1. Massage Helps

The use of body scrubs or brushes, as well as good-old massage, do help in reducing those dimples in your thighs. This is because the blood flow is improved and collagen is then strengthened. It will also smoothen the fat layers under your skin.

  1. Exercise Is Important

Beyond getting a massage, keeping active and fit is the best strategy, especially if you spend many hours sitting at your desk at work. Any type of movement that improves blood circulation will already help.

  1. It Might Be Genetics

It is thought that some people may be more genetically prone to cellulite. However, even if this is the case, there is always an option to control it through proper diet and lots of exercise.

  1. Use Creams After Exercise

Many believe that scrubbing or applying creams or lotions help. To see the best results, do it after exercise when your blood is already pumping more quickly. This will make your skin absorb them more easily.


  1. Hormones Are At Fault Too

Your hormones will contribute to the development of cellulite. Therefore, hormonal changes and imbalances may make it worse. Keeping active and eating healthy might still minimize it, though.